​How It Works

Step 1:

Contact me through my email info@drumrec.com and tell me what kind of tune you have and how it should be performed/sound. If you have difficulties to explain what type of drumrecording you want, you can refer to a tune with the kind of live drum performance that you think would fit in your song, or you can give me free rein to do what i think is best for you and your song.

Step 2:
I need a mix (without drums) of the music track (MP3 preferred). Additionally a click track with a 2 bar count off is appreciated. If you tell me what tempo (BPM) the track should be in - it will save some time.


Step 3:
After my drum recording session, I will send you a mp3 “preview” from my server. You can listen to the track and tell me what do you think about my live drums and if you want some modification; different groove/another sound, more fills etc.


Step 4:
When you are satisfied with the drumrecording you will receive a notification that your session files with my live drums are ready for download or cd/dvd sent by post. You will receive mono, stereo, and/or multitrack, all according to your wishes and in the file format you've requested.

ADD...Hand percussion - Congas, Tamborines, Shakers, Chimes...anything that spices up a track...

Custom beats or loops - Custom made for your song!. (Hip-hop, R & B, Ambient, etc. )

The price​:
You will discuss your needs and agree on a price with me, depending on the complexity and amount of work necessary to complete your requests. Raw or Mixt track? etc.


If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let me know


​Håkan Hansson - Drumrec